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Terapeuta - Medicatrix alquinaturista 

Formador de Medicina Natural Integral - Alquinatura

TNC - Naturopatia

TNC - Acupuntura

TNC - Fitoterapia

CCP - F629900/2014


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Integral Natural Medecin

The Alquinaturist Medecin is a representation of a health model featuring whole perspectives.

It might look like a new kind of medecin. However, its therapeutic structure and dignosis method are based on existing medecins, and on the law of the6 elements: gas, fire, metal, earth, wood and water.

A new Awareness


The fact of wishing upon a change implies a process of new consciousness, which is only possible by the birth of a New Human, being, the consciousness of the real self, what kind of music we listen to, our upbringing, what king of medecin that doesn't pollute us, or that does pollute us (allopathic) our family bonds, friendship connections and also our connection with God (without any religious connotations). 


- To heal without pain

- To be easily available

- To work body and mind in perfect harmony with nature




By reordering all medecine within its global spectrum, the Alquinatura takes advantage of what is fruitful according to natural medecine.

The main concern is to get to the cause, not the symptoms.

With a thorough diagnosis method, the alquinaturist therapeut has the ability to identify the cause, treating it.

Invasive treatments do not apply here.

The whole treatment consists (according to esch individual's needs) on the application of different techniques such as:


  • Acupuncture

  • Homeopathy

  • Phytotherapy (herbal medecin)

  • Biomechanical therapies

  • Therapies with Bach Florals

  • Others